The Hearing Loss Clinic

Closed Caption

To build awareness of hearing impairment and hearing health for the Hearing Loss Clinic, we launched a guerrilla campaign that closed-captioned parts of Calgary.

Kal Tire

Don’t End Up Down Here

The right set of tires on your vehicle can help keep you on the road. Don’t believe us? Maybe this billboard will convince you.

Kal Tire

Talk to Kal

If you’re looking for the perfect set of tires or have car problems, there’s only one place to get help.






Discount Car and Truck Rentals


Sometimes, even when you own a vehicle, renting is the best option. The two guys in this spot show you what we’re talking about.


Discount Car and Truck Rentals

Web and Mobile Sites

Booking a vehicle online got a whole lot easier (and much better looking) with this intuitive web and mobile site that we built from back-end to front.

Osum Oil Sands Corp.

Don’t Talk Smack About Ice

The people of Cold Lake, Alberta, are huge supporters of their Junior B hockey team, the Ice. Fiercely proud of their boys, they’ll defend the Ice in any situation, as this radio campaign demonstrated.

“I Don’t Like Ice”

“Stupid Ice”

“The Ice Sucks”